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The history of DESASTER reaches back as far as 1988 when two young metal maniacs from Koblenz, Germany, decided to follow the path once paved by bands such as HELLHAMMER or DESTRUCTION. After initial songwriting sessions, the band played their first and now legendary live concert in 89, which also marked the official birth of DESASTER. Having overcome several line-up problems between 1990 and 1992, original member/guitarist Infernal soldiered on with vocalist Okkulto and bass player Odin.

Following up on the two demos "The Fog of Avalon" (1993) and "Lost in the Ages" (1994), Merciless Records released the group's first vinyl in 1995, a split 7" single together with country mates UNGOD.

In 1996, DESASTER's debut album "A touch of medieval darkness" came out, earning much respect in underground circles worldwide, followed by their third release, the mini album "Stormbringer" (1997).

"Hellfire's Dominion", DESASTER's second full-length album was released in September 98. It contained a standout track in the shape of speed metal hymn "Metalized Blood", featuring guest vocals from PENTACLE's Wannes, German speed veterans VIOLENT FORCE's Lemmie and Toto, frontman of cult act LIVING DEATH. The band's third album "Tyrants of the Netherworld" hit the shelves in late 2000. After several festival appearances in the summer of 2001 (Fuck the Commerce, Wacken, etc.) singer Okkulto left and was replaced shortly after by Sataniac from German black thrashers DIVINE GENOCIDE. The 7" single "Souls of Infernity", released in October 2001, featured former shouter Okkulto's final performance.

Having issued their fourth album "Divine Blasphemies" (2002), a show in Sao Paulo/Brazil marked a special highlight and resulted in a live release entitled "Brasilian Blitzkrieg Blasphemies" via Mutilation Records (Brazil).

After joining Metal Blade Records, the new label put out their fifth album "Angelwhore", which was also released on vinyl via Iron Pegasus Records. In May 2007 the group entered Harrow's Studio (Asphyx, Pentacle, Occult, Soulburn...) in the Netherlands to record their sixth full-length "666 - Satan's Soldiers Syndicate". In 2007 and 2008, the band played many gigs, their outstanding third trip to South America and shows at bigger European festivals amongst them.

In 2009, DESASTER celebrated their 20th anniversary with a box set. The birthday party on a boat cruising along the river Rhine turned out to be a huge success.

DESASTER's seventh album "The Arts of Destruction" came out in February 2012. Recorded at ToxoMusic Studios, mixed and mastered at Temple of Disharmony, this slab of dark heavy metal straight from hell celebrates just the unique, archaic sound this band has represented ever since. The record gained good to great reviews throughout.

2014: DESASTER for 25 years! Of course, this had to be properly celebrated. "Live in Bamberg" came out via High Roller Records. The group recorded a complete show with many guests, which was released on LP, CD and DVD, the latter featuring an extensive history documentation with all former members, many friends and associates of the band, not to forget old recordings and much more.

With their eighth studio album "The Oath of an Iron Ritual" in 2016, the musicians stay true to the uncompromising manners they have always represented. This time around they recorded together with Patrick W. Engel in their own rehearsal space, which took just a couple of days in October but did not hurt the sound one bit - on the contrary! A barrage of metal without compromises that will easily split skulls everywhere. This album, an array of DESASTER's typical, riff-heavy neckbreakers, shows them more aggressive and murderous than ever. In 2018 the band decided to split up with drummer Tormentor, because his engagements in ASPHYX and SODOM left too little space for DESASTER.

In 2019 the band's 30 anniversary was celebrated with a special 7" single called "Black Celebration" which contained two brand new tracks with new drummer Hont.

With new energy and still bloodthirsty DESASTER is currently playing shows all around Europe and working hard on new blackthrashing songs. The 9th studio album is planned for late 2020, so BEWARE!!!!!

B A N G    O R    B E    B A N G E D ! !

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15.02.2020 Zaragoza
Zaragoza, Spain
06.03.2020 Jönköping Metal Fest
Jönköping, Sweden
04.04.2020 Aalst
Aalst, Belgium
09.05.2020 Gladbeck Metal Bash
Gladbeck, Germany
29.05.2020 Metal East Festival
Kharkiv, Ukraine
03.07.2020 Under the black sun festival
Friesack, Germany
27.07.2020 Metal Days
Tolmin, Slovenia
22.08.2020 Kaltenbach Open Air
Kaltenbach, Austria
10.10.2020 Winningen
05.12.2020 Bielefeld


The Oath of an Iron Ritual

The Oath of an Iron Ritual

Live in Bamberg

Live in Bamberg

The Arts of Destruction

The Arts of Destruction


Satan's Soldiers Syndicate



Brazilian Blitzkrieg Blasphemies

Brazilian Blitzkrieg Blasphemies

Divine Blasphemies

Divine Blasphemies

Tyrants Of The Netherworld

Tyrants Of The Netherworld


Hellfire's Dominion



A Touch Of Medieval Darkness

A Touch Of Medieval Darkness


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