Lebe wohl, Tormentor!

Nach reichlichen Überlegungen haben wir uns entschlossen, uns von Tormentor (Husky) zu trennen. Die Entscheidung ist uns nicht leicht gefallen, denn Tormentor hat DESASTER 22 Jahre lang entscheidend mitgeprägt. Durch seine beiden anderen, hart arbeitenden Bands SODOM und ASPHYX und seinen Umzug in den Ruhrpott war es ihm zeitlich einfach nicht mehr möglich, mit DESASTER zu proben, weder für Live-Gigs noch fürs Songwriting. Wie jeder Fan der Band weiß sind DESASTER eine old-school Metal Band, die im Proberaum Blut, Schweiß und Bier vergiest anstatt Soundfiles im Internet hin und her zu schicken. Auch wenn wir in den letzten Jahren kürzer getreten sind wollen wir kein "Projekt" sein, sondern eine Band, die Live spielt und weiter Songs schreiben und veröffentlichen möchte. Es fiel uns schwer es zu realisieren, aber dies war mit Tormentor leider nicht mehr möglich. Selbstverständlich werden wir bei allem Trennungsschmerz weiter Freunde bleiben und wir wünschen Tormentor alles nur erdenklich Gute und weiterhin viel Erfolg auf seinem Lebensweg. Sein "Abschiedsspiel" wird er am 05.10.2018 auf dem Way of Darkness in Lichtenfels haben. Hier wird er die Drumsticks an seinen Nachfolger abgeben. Der neue Mann an den Kesseln heißt HONT und hat schon mit Sänger Sataniac zusammen in dessen alter Band DIVINE GENOCIDE zusammen gespielt. Des weiteren hat er mit der Band MONASTERY Alben in den 90ern veröffentlicht und mit JUPITER JONES sogar die große weite Welt des Showbizz kennen gelernt bevor er sich entschließ, wieder in den Schoß des Underground Metals zurück zu kehren und mit DESASTER nun wieder ordentlich Krach zu machen. Er hat es so gewollt! Selbst Schuld ! Welcome to hell! BANG OR BE BANGED!!!!


Farewell, Tormentor!

After a lot of discussions we finally decided to separate from Tormentor (Husky). It wasn´t easy for us because Tormentor was an important part of DESASTER in the last 22 years. Because of his job in the two hard working bands SODOM and ASPHYX and his movement to the "Ruhrpott" area he couldn´t rehearse any longer with DESASTER, not for live shows and not for songwriting. As every fan of the band knows, DESASTER is an old-school Metal band that spoils blood, sweat and beer in the rehearsal room and doesn´t exchange soundfiles via internet. Although we weren´t that actice any longer in the past years we don´t want to be just a "project" but a real band that plays live and wants to write songs and release them. It was very hard for us to realize it, but this won´t be possible with Tormentor any longer. Of course we depart in friendship and we wish him all the best in life. He will play his last gig on October, 5th 2018 on the Way of Darkness Festival in Lichtenfels. Here he will hand over the drum sticks to his successor. The new man on the drums is called HONT and he used to play together with singer Sataniac in his old band DIVINE GENOCIDE. Furthermore he released albums with the band MONASTERY in the 90s and even experienced the big business with the chart breaking band JUPITER JONES before he decided to return to extreme Metal underground music and make noise together with DESASTER. He wanted it that way! Blame yourself! Welcome to hell! BANG OR BE BANGED!!!

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Desaster's history is going back to the year 1988 when two young Metal- possessed maniacs wanted to follow the path of bands like VENOM, HELLHAMMER or DESTRUCTION (whose song 'Total Desaster" gave the band its name) - to play some fucking Black Metal without compromises was their aim. After playing the still remembered first live gig in '89 (which marked the official beginning of the band), DESASTER had to manage serious line- up problems in 1990 before Infernal, the only remaining member of the original line- up, found the right warriors to continue. Okkulto (v) and Odin (b) joined the pack back then in 1992.

After the two demos "The Fog of Avalon" (1993) and "Lost in the Ages" (1994) Merciless Records released a split- 7" with UNGOD in 1995, the band's vinyl-debut.

In 1996 the first album "A Touch of medieval Darkness" was released and the band got great response from all over the world. On DESASTER's following output, the "Stormbringer" mini- album in 1997, the new beast on the drums, Tormentor, can be heard for the first time.

One song of the limited "Ride on for Revenge" picture- single of 1998 found it's way on the "Thrashing Holocaust"- compilation CD released by American Necropolis Records in 1999.

"Hellfire's Dominion", the second album, was released in 1998. A special killer on the album was the neck breaking Speed Metal hymn "Metalized Blood" which included guest vocals of Wannes of PENTACLE, Lemmy of the old German Speed Metal kings VIOLENT FORCE and Toto of LIVING DEATH, one of the band's all-time faves! During the recording sessions of the 2nd album DESASTER also recorded their contribution to a SODOM tribute CD called "Homage to the Gods".

The band celebrated it's 10th anniversary in late 1999 with the "Ten Years of total DESASTER" double- LP, again a vinyl-only release! Another split- EP, this time in the rare 10" format and with the Dutch metal-fighters of PENTACLE, was released on DESASTER's new label Iron Pegasus in 2000. The 3rd full- length album "Tyrants of the Netherworld" was then released in 2000.

In summer 2001 DESASTER contributed the song "Darkness and Evil" with Gezol himself on guest- vocals for a Brazilian SABBAT tribute- LP. After the band had played several festival- shows (e.g. Fuck The Commerce and Wacken Open Air) vocalist Okkulto decided to leave the band, but was soon replaced by the new shouter Sataniac who used to be the main man in the German Black/ Thrash band DIVINE GENOCIDE. The "Souls of Infernity"- 7" (2001) was the farewell- release of the old singer Okkulto.

After the release of the 4th album "Divine Blasphemies" in 2002 the show in Sao Paulo/ Brazil in front of 900 maniacs was a special highlight of 2003. The Brazilian show was released as double LP/ CD and DVD on the Brazilian Label Mutilation Records.

After the change to Metal Blade Records the 5th album "Angelwhore" was released, also available on vinyl on Iron Pegasus Rec.

After countless gigs in Germany and outside (England, Finland, Ireland, Sweden, The Netherlands, Switzerland...), a Mini- tour through Croatia, Serbia, Hungary, Austria and Slovenia and the South American Tour through Brazil, Peru and Colombia, the band released a 12" vinyl single called "Infernal Voices" with one new song, the re-recorded "Fields of triumph" and a coverversion of UNLEASHED's "Before the creation of time".

In May 2007 DESASTER entered the Harrows Studio, Holland (Asphyx, Pentacle, Occult, Soulburn etc.) to record the 6th studio album "666 - Satan's Soldiers Syndicate". This album shows again the band's typical thrashing, blacking riff metal without mercy where there is no space for any innovation and modern elements! It's what Desaster is all about: "A FIST IN YOUR FACE METAL ATTACK"! A lot of gigs were played in 2007 and 2008 with some highlights like the 3rd return to South America and Open Air appearances at some bigger Festivals in whole Europe. In 2009 the band celebrates their 20th anniversary with a box set which includes both demos and most of their "special release- songs" on 3 PicLPs and 4 new songs on an etched MLP, which was once more recorded at the Toxo-Music studio by Wally Walldorf. The birthday- gig on a boat on the river Rhine was a great success. In 2010 a split 7"(Iron Pegasus Records), a Split-double Live Vinyl (Kneel before the master's throne) with Japanese blacking masters Sabbat and a shape- 7" with a Death- cover version (incl. Mr Chris Reifert on guest vokills) on the Dutch label Soulseller Records was released. After some great shows in Ireland, Scotland, Portugal or at festivals like PartySan Open Air, RockArea at mighty Loreley, Way of Darkness and more the band started writing new songs for the upcoming 7th album.

The Split LP "Sabbatical Desasterminator" was re-released on KBTMT Records in mid 2010.

Now the band is preparing the new album in their rehearsal bunker... recording date isn't confirmed by now but...

Expect nothing more than a total METAL EXPLOSION!

Beware and be prepared for sharp riffs, pounding drums, roaring bass and screaming hell...

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The Oath of an Iron Ritual

The Oath of an Iron Ritual

Live in Bamberg

Live in Bamberg

The Arts of Destruction

The Arts of Destruction


Satan's Soldiers Syndicate



Brazilian Blitzkrieg Blasphemies

Brazilian Blitzkrieg Blasphemies

Divine Blasphemies

Divine Blasphemies

Tyrants Of The Netherworld

Tyrants Of The Netherworld


Hellfire's Dominion



A Touch Of Medieval Darkness

A Touch Of Medieval Darkness


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